Our ciders are made in small batches using a blend of culinary apples.  We blend fresh pressed apple juice from Kansas orchards with juices from other states, like Missouri, Michigan, and Washington.  All our products are vegan and gluten free.

Sweetness Scale

Dry –– Off-Dry –– Semi-Sweet –– Sweet

Apple Wino

Dry – 6.2% ABV

Dry and light, an easy drinking light apple wine with no added sugar.

Funky Bastard

Dry – 5.9% ABV

A traditional cider, dry, bitter, funky, with a full body and long finish.

Little Mac

Off-Dry – 6.1% ABV

Just a dash of Macintosh apple gives this off-dry cider lots of appley goodness, very sessionable.

Cinnamon Oak

Off-Dry – 6.1% ABV

Bourbon oak aged, then sweetened with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Jackberry Binger

Semi-Sweet – 6.1% ABV

With hints of sweet, tart blackberries and spicy ginger, this cider is great any time of year. 

Cranberry Orange

Semi-Sweet – 5.9% ABV

Tart cranberry blended with orange to accompany your fall feast.

Chai Opener

Sweet – 5.8% ABV

A blend of black tea and fall spices to keep warm on cold nights.

Karma Apple

Sweet – 6.0% ABV

Smooth buttery caramel and tart apple, tastes like fall in a glass.